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Microfluidic chip with integrated electrodes.

Welcome to the hDMT Wiki

for visitors

You can view the homepage of the hDMT wiki (= this page).
You can view the hDMT researchers who have made a profile here.

for hDMT researchers

You can make an account for this wiki if you work at a hDMT partner organisation (you have to use your work-email).
With an account you can:

  • make profile page. Everything on you profile page is visible for everyone!
  • view all pages of this WIKI (after you logged in).
  • make and edit wiki pages

The purpose of the hDMT wiki is to facilitate collaboration between you and other hands-on hDMT researchers.
You are encouraged to freely create or edit pages.
The threshold for editing content is very low, due to the use of Wiki software.
If you are not sure how to use Wiki software, then please consult the User's Guide for more information.

You can use the hDMT wiki to

  • share and present your Organ-on-Chip activities
  • promote collaborations
  • avoid redundancy in research
  • help technical universities find new applications for their devices
  • provide biologists with possible devices available for specific applications

The hDMT wiki sections (after login)

you can login in the upper right hand corner of this page (or make an account)

  • Human - an overview of all registered users
  • Disease - overview of experimental disease models that hDMT researchers work on
  • Model - overview of organ-on-chip models that hDMT researchers are developing
  • Technology - overview of all enabling technologies that hDMT researchers have access to or are developing

how to make a new page in this wiki